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I have been living in Passaic, New Jersey for nearly two decades, active as a volunteer in various causes in the Orthodox Jewish community.  A few years ago, I realized that parents in our community often feel bewildered and overwhelmed when their children reach marriageable age.  In our community, parents are expected to bear the primary responsibility for finding their children the right person to date and marry.  Parents who themselves did not date within this system may appreciate learning a little bit about this "shidduchim process" before they approach friends or mentors for guidance.

I also thought it would be useful for the Passaic/Clifton community to have a centralized online location to connect residents with resources in the Passaic/Clifton community.

The information presented in this website was collected by interviewing shidduchim experts in the Passaic/Clifton community.   The content derives from a hashkafa somewhere between Modern Orthodox Machmir and Yeshivish. There are many gaps.  I'd like this website to work like a wiki, with experienced readers contributing by adding material, correcting mistakes, or providing other points of view.

Please note that this website is meant purely as a public service; there is no intention to monetize it.  The professionals listed in the Professional Resources page are included because they are known to be effective, and they have not paid to be listed.

Hoping this is helpful,


P. S.  Since the website went live about a year ago, I realized that many of the visitors are the singles themselves rather than the parents.  While I am gradually revising the content to reflect this, many references to parents and children remain.



  1. This is a real chesed for parents beginning the process! Thank you!!

  2. I am looking for advice on checking references. I don’t believe that many of the questions here would necessarily be answered honestly. They are very black and white and I would imagine any reference would answer the way they feel would make the candidate look good. Just a thought.

  3. Really excellent website. Thank you for all your efforts to make this very valuable and informative resource – and all lesheim shomayim with no ads etc. Mi keamcho!

    Have you considered adding a section for zivug sheini shidduchim? I am sure there are lots of additional points which would be relevant for divorced/widowed people in how to approach shidduchim. Similarly there are a lot of points relevant for those looking into shidduchim with divorced/widowed people.


  4. Excellent resource you have created here! Thank you so much.

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